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Som Tum Mamuang – thai style spicy salad

The recipe of thai style salad

One of my favorite dishes in Thai cuisine – spicy salad Som Tam, which thai people eat with sticky rice, so yummy! If you have been to Thailand, you tried this wonderful tangy salad! There are many varieties of this salad: with green papaya, sausage, crab meat, etc. Today’s recipe includes a green mango and called Som Tam Mamuang (from thai mamuang – mango).

The recipe of thai style salad

Ingredients for Som Tam Mamuang

This amount of product need for cooking 2 servings of salad:

Ingredients for Som Tum salad Ingredients for Som Tum salad

How to make thai style tangy salad

  1. Thinly slice the mango or use special slicer for vegetables.
  2. Cut cucumber (or green bean).
  3. Cut the tomatoes into 4-8 pieces.
  4. Make the salad dressing: mix in blender fish sauce, lime juice, garlic, chili pepper and palm sugar.
  5. Add to salad dried shrimp, peanut.
  6. Mix all ingredients together.
Tasty thai style green mango salad with dried shrimp

Enjoy spicy thai taste!

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