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Simple tuna salad recipe

How to make tuna salad

This tuna salad is really simple n’ easy to cook. You will spend not a lot of time for making the salad. Only 5 minutes! Salads with tuna are very helpful, dietetic and healthy food. My simple tuna salad contains fresh vegetables – cucumber, chinese cabbage. The combination of tuna with vegetables gives a wonderful flavor and health benefits!

How to make tuna salad

In tuna meat contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, iron and vitamins. Tuna is a unique fish, with a minimum of fat contains a maximum of protein! Better to use for making salad fresh tuna, which cooked on grill or boiled. Calory of fresh tuna fish is about 150 Cal in 100g.

If you choose canned tuna in oil, you should be aware that this fish caloric 2 times more.

Yummy tuna salad recipe

The recipe of simple tuna salad

Ingredients (for 2 person):

  1. Wash & dry the leaves of chinese cabbage. Cut the cabbage into strips.
  2. Cut the cucumber in half and slice it.
  3. Mix the vegetables in salad bowl, add canned tuna with oil.
  4. Season the salad with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, add pepper.
  5. Served tuna salad on 2 plates & eat now.
Easy to cook tuna salad

Enjoy delicious easy tuna salad!

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