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Easy tuna Nicoise salad recipe

Easy tuna Nicoise salad

The excellent combination of ingredients salad Nicoise makes it taste just stunning! This salad – a popular dish of French cuisine. In Provence Nicoise made with fresh vegetables, spicy anchovies, boiled eggs, olives n’ premium quality olive oil. Often Nicoise prepared with tuna, this version is more popular around the world.

Easy tuna Nicoise salad

I like to make this salad with quail eggs and tuna. It’s time to tell my favorite recipe of salad Nicoise with tuna. Read!

Dressing for tuna Nicoise salad

Choose for salad dressing only quality olive oil – 100% naturally organic & extra virgin olive oil. We will also need fresh thyme. Thyme – one of the main herbs French cuisine and necessarily included in the spice mix “bouquet garni” and “herbs of Provence.” Top chefs use thyme as a seasoning, preferring to add fresh plant in their culinary masterpieces.

Thyme has a pleasant flavor, making salad dressing sharp, bitter taste spicy notes. The unique taste of the salad dressing made from mix olive oil with crushed fresh thyme, lemon juice, salt, sugar and squashed garlic. All stir and leave for 30 minutes.

Healthy low fat tuna Nicoise salad

Tuna Nicoise salad ingredients

Ingredients (serving for 2 person):

How to make tuna Nicoise salad?

  1. Wash vegetables and lettuce, dry with a paper towel.
  2. Quail eggs to boil and cool, peel off the shell.
  3. Torn lettuce into small pieces and put in a salad bowl.
  4. Sweet pepper cut into strips.
  5. Every tomatoes cut into 4 pieces. Quail eggs cut in half.
  6. Mix ingredients with salad dressing and served on 2 plates.
  7. Add to salad pieces of tuna.
The recipe of tuna Nicoise salad

This salad with tuna is a source of protein, which is essential for a healthy diet. Enjoy delicious taste!

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