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Avocado & Tomatoes salad recipe

My favorite avocado & vegetables salad

This healthy avocado n’ tomatoes salad is very yummy! I cooked it dish for easy lunch and I recommend you try it. The salad contains only vegetables, avocado and organic hemp oil, suitable for vegans use. This dish contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins, including potassium, folic acid, carotenoids and lycopene. Vegetable salads are rich in fiber, which helps to move the bowels and cleanses the body of toxins.

My favorite avocado & vegetables salad

If you like to eat salads with avocado, look my simple shrimp & avocado salad recipe. In general, the avocado is a very valuable food, which need to eat every day for all people. Avocados also speeds up metabolism and helps weight loss. However, we must remember that this is a very high-calorie fruit. On the day can not eat more than half of the avocado.

Ingredients for making avocado tomatoes salad

How to make avocado tomato salad

Ingredients (2 servings of salad):


  1. Wash and dry avocado, vegetables, lettuce.
  2. Cut lettuce into pieces, put in a salad bowl.
  3. Tomatoes cut into slices, sweet pepper strips.
  4. Peel  and slice cucumber.
  5. Avocado cut into cubes.
  6. Mix the salad dressing from lime juice n’ hemp oil.
  7. Add to salad fresh coriander, spring onion, salt, black pepper and dressing.
Yummy & helpful avocado salad recipe

Enjoy delicious healthy avocado salad!

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